Royal Starr Arts Institute is ran on volunteers.
And we need you!
There are many way to help with our mission.


RSAI is a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization, each season we depend on our team of Directors and amazing assistants, volunteers like you!
We are currently ramping up our community committed to this season, creating amazing events all the way throughout the year upto and beyond this years festival!

Volunteer positions: Event based, We request you attend and volunteer at least one community event.

  • Boxoffice - Ticket processing at Community events & Festival

  • Community Events - Setup/Teardown, General assistant.

  • Ushers -

Leadership positions:

  • Graphics Design

  • Unflinching Walk

  • Social Media/Media Relations


To register to volunteer for the Royal Starr Arts Institute, Please click here.
Questions? Please email us at Volunteer@RoyalStarr.org