The Royal Starr Film Festival is more than just great movies. Our Film and New Media Expo (FANME) component also hosts the following discussions, seminars, demonstrations, and Q&A with industry professionals in the fields of screenwriting, producing, acting, and special effects.

2018 FAN ME Events


Producers & Directors Panel
OCT 13 - SAT @ 11am
Panelists will share experience and knowledge gained through their years of producing film. They will answer your questions on planning, management, financing, networking, development and more.

Visual Effects Panel
OCT 13 - SAT @ 11am
How do they do it. Talk to Visual and Special Effect artist in this discussion their craft.

Tips & Tricks to Surviving Act Two (Screenwriting)
with Geoffrey Calhoun
OCT 13 - SAT @ 1pm

Editing Workshop
with Patrick Neff
OCT 13 - SAT @ 1pm

Women in Film & Television A Discussion Panel
OCT 13 - SAT 2:40pm
Industry professionals share about advancing their profession and achieving success for women working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media. 


Show Me The Money! - Fundraising for your Project
with Alex Greene
OCT 14 - SUN 11am
Join Alex Greene in a workshop discussion on fundraising for your next big project. FANME - Film and New Media Expo 2018 Come with curious minds, ask questions from the professionals.

Actors & Casting Panel
OCT 14 - SUN 1pm
Industry professionals and SAG-AFTRA officials will share their knowledge to help actors understand the role of the casting director and how to better prepare for auditions.

What Should We Do Next?: A Filmmaker Community Forum
OCT 14 - SUN 2:40pm

The President of the Royal Starr Arts Institute, Luke Castle, and members staff and board will listen and answer questions. What do you want to see in our art community as we build it? How did the festival go? Help us share the future of this community by attending and having a discussion with us.