October 17, 2017

2017 Festival Winners

Best Narrative Feature

Best Narrative Short

Best Documentary Feature
Detroit under S.T.R.E.S.S.

Best Documentary Short
Policing the Media

Best Director Feature
H. Paul Moon for Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty

Best Director Short
Korinna Krauss for Chuckwalla

Best Screenplay Feature
Juan Feldman for After Words

Best Screenplay Short
Donavan Darius / Joseph Bryce Hart for Injustice for All

Best Cinematographer Feature
Vallo Gallo for After Words

Best Cinematographer Short
Rob Skates for AKOMA

Best Actor Feature
T.J. Storm for Moving Parts

Best Actor Short
Kelly Perine for Downward Hiro

Best Actress Feature
Trinity Rose Miller for Crystal

Best Actress Short
Anna Garcia for Anna Garcia does a One Woman Play

Best Foreign Film
The Descendants

Audience Choice Short
I Might Be Famous

Audience Choice Feature
Thaw of the Dead